Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So, what is ABCB anyway?

A Better "City Blog" is the antidote to all of those websites that are devoted to the same thing. You know, the ones that have "mobility" in the name and have this optimistic-at-best, delusional-at-worst in the "rails vs. freeways" debate (if there ever was a debate at all)? Well, this blog is here to break that nonsense. We're not going to look at abused statistics, we're not going to bash freeways, and we're not going to bash suburbs. Because that's what those "other guys" do, and that's not right. We're not just going to look at effective city planning (what works and what doesn't), we're going to look at highways, sprawl, aesthetics, and all those other things that seem like minutiae every day, certainly observations of such.

Equally important is having fun! I'm not some sort of mass transit fundamentalist who wants you to believe that their way is the only way. These "essays" that will be posted will have some other stuff in there so it's not a dry read. Audience participation is encouraged! Leave comments and banter. All you need to do is not be a jerk, because comments will be deleted.

Some of this stuff is copied from (or at least based off of) what I wrote on a Houston forum before, so don't be surprised if there are some similar wordings.

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